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    Medici Warzone (for P1.05)

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    UPDATED 02/03/2019 - added difficulties in different subfolders This is a test mod, Medici Warzone, for JC3 v1.05. It is intended for end-game, so I'd recommend beating the story mode (I'm currently testing this out on a fresh playthrough). Throughout your travels in Medici, mixed in normal civilian traffic you'll get some random vehicles filled with enemies with various weapons causing chaos. Inside settlements, outside them, liberated ones even. Hang out near a liberated police station and they'll show up.…

    February 3, 2019
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    This is a test mod for Infinite Rebel Drop Beacons made for the newest patch version 1.05. DROP AWAY!!!   NOTE FOR MODDERS: This file, and lots of other interesting things, were found in the _UNKNOWN folders from the patch dir.  Use your favorite method of searching through files, Notepad++/etc.., and look for wtune. Take the raw file and rename it to "whateveryoufoundinthefile.wtunec", adding the c to the end is important for decompiling with Gibbed's Modified Tools.  As with my…

    January 26, 2019