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This mod only for multiplayer! This simple plugin adds on your server the weather, which changes automatically. You shouldn’t anymore to use /weather command. This plugin will change the weather from time to time. Each weather has the chance of emergence. For example, snow always has chance 2%. It means that it’s very rare. Note: […]

Weather Presets and Thunderstorm Enabler

This very simple mod affects the weather probabilities in Medici. Several file versions are included, allowing you to lock into Clear, Foggy, Rainy, or Thunderstorm weather. There is also a version that keeps all weather probabilities the same, but allows Thunderstorms to spawn at the same rate as Fog (they are disabled by default.) I […]

Clear Weather Forecast

Not a drop of rain in the forecast for Medici and these conditions are going to be staying for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!