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INTRODUCTION U-47 RAZEK- This mod swaps the vanilla U-39 Plechovka with the U-47 Razek (AK-47).

Weapon Rework

Hey there, this is just a small mod of mine reworking the weapons of Just Cause 3. The Assault Rifles are all too similiar, the shotguns have way too little ammo, there is one SMG better than all others and explosive weapons don’t have enough boom. So I changed most of them, please leave your […]

Stronger Bavarium Splitter

This mod makes the Bavarium Splitter a stronger weapon, these are the changes: Ammo per magazine increased to 80 bullets. A lot less recoil Reloads 50% faster Fires a bit faster A lot more accurate Deals an INSANE amount of damage to vehicles FOR UNLIMITED AMMO CHOOSE DESIRED VERSION IN  THE DOWNLOADED RAR FILE! All […]

Unlimited GE-64

How are you gonna take down Di Ravello with only 3 to 5 remote explosives? I think you’re gonna need some more, a lot more.   P.S. Made this mod a while back, so if it doesn’t work, just tell me and I’ll update it.

[1.4 SOON] Jade Barrett’s Enhanced Weaponry

THE OVERHAUL IS HERE!!! WEAPON VARIANTS HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY REMOVED!!!   R E A D  M E  N O W ! ! ! ! ! ! Don’t skip this!!!!! Say hello to my weapons realism mod. This mod contains more realistic weapons.   THIS MOD IS UNFINISHED. I AM GOING TO FREQUENTLY ADD MORE CONTENT […]

Weaponised Vehicles

Weaponised vehicles is a mod 2 & a half years in the making! 14 vehicles upgraded with insane destructive power! MV402 | Super Bike Cargo transport | Cargo Plane Incendiario Monster Truck | Monster Truck Weimaraner W3 | Old Jeep Stria Kavala | Modern SUV ’13 Vigueur | James Bond Car Mugello Raffinati Vitesse | […]

Rebel Drop v5.0

Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzMtotBYGug   MINOR UPDATE: Fixed Typhoon & Ghettoblaster not spawning   New stuff added from last version: Debug vehicles now spawnable Debug vehicles invincible Premium & Signature vehicles added Enemy mech spawners Most types of drones added Everything added: Weapons: Balloon head gun (DK Pistol) The Little General GuitaRPG Urga Vulkan Minigun Typhoon Air gun […]

Unlimited Ammo

NOTE: This mod works with all the weapons excluding DLC Weapons! Did you run out of ammo again after fighting the military?!  I can help! Introducing!!! The unlimited ammo modification! Now battle your enemies, and see what happens? Enjoy blowing up stuff with your RPG but runs out of ammo fast? Problem solved! Download NOW! Visit my […]

Overkill Weapons V6.0 (DLC Weapons and Normal!!! 8 UPGRADED)

This mod will upgrade some of your weapons within the rebel drop on Just Cause 3.  plan to make each one as unique as possible. PLEASE comment below any weapons you would like to be modded and what you would like on it. DISCLAIMER: The weapons must be unlocked in order to use the mod to […]

Modified Grapple Hook ( Much faster and can go to 10KM )

Hi everyone , I have edited the QUB1 Grappling Mod and  in my version the grappling go Much faster and go to 10 km only ( it’s the infinite range version Modified ) i limited this to 10 KM because we can have some bugs ( Like you may be blocked when you send it […]