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Psychedelic vehicle pack

Jart and me are proud to present the psychedelic vehicle pack! It includes five unique vehicles equipped with different weapons and the ability to fly!   A lot of ideas and the vehicle textures by Jart, so check out her other work as well! Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/squatinacaprium Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ArtsyGoat/ Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/Hierosonic   Each vehicle has a […]


INTRODUCTION CS16 SPECTRE- This mod swaps the vanilla CS Predator with the CS16 Spectre (M16A1).  

Enhanced weaponized vehicles

This mod will weaponize five vehicles: Verdeleon 3 Mugello Raffinati Vitesse Mugello Quipozza Stria Obrero Incendiario monstertruck They will be weaponized with: Urga Vulkan minigun Capstone M2Hm machine gun Capstone FH155 flak cannon Corvette cannon Capstone Artax anti air rockets   >>The latest release also includes optional, invincable versions of all five vehicles which was […]

The ultimate train

The ultimate train is a mod based on the driveable train from the weaponized vehicles pack In this mod though, it received an upgrade and now features an engine sound, many other sounds that were missing before, it is indestructable, has a new weapon icon and features enhanced missiles of the missile trailer, which are […]

Weapon mix-up pack

This mod edits the weapons of both the Thunderhawk jet as well as the Baltdjur tank   The Baltdjur’s weapon will now act similar to the one of the Reptile AAV from Just Cause 4, which is usable in the vehicle > For the Baltdjur to not do weird things, i had to include the […]

Enemy Weapon Diversity

I think JC3 is really bland when it comes to enemy weapons, seeing the same weapons over and over and wasting beacons… This mod will change that! Now *almost* all enemies have the chance to spawn with the UP-39, CS-Predator, URGA Vdova, Rys 96 Shotgun, Automat 12 Shotgun. (I didn’t include the CSV and the […]

Unlimited Ammo

NOTE: This mod works with all the weapons excluding DLC Weapons! Did you run out of ammo again after fighting the military?!  I can help! Introducing!!! The unlimited ammo modification! Now battle your enemies, and see what happens? Enjoy blowing up stuff with your RPG but runs out of ammo fast? Problem solved! Download NOW! Visit my […]

Ultimate Bavarium Splitter

SEE INSTALLATION. THAT’S IMPORTANT !!! It transform the common Bavarium Splitter into a nice, deadly and precise weapon. Also comes with infinite bullets and more bullets per shots.

UVK-13 the comeback

The GREAT comeback of the automatic uvk13.