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Enhanced amphibious vehicles

This mod allows several vehicles to be able to freely move on water, similar to the CS Baltdjur   This version includes: Verdeleon 3 Mugello Vistosa Kerner Serpente R Kerner Serpente R weaponised Mugello Quipozza Mugello Raffinati Vitesse Incendiario monster truck   >>Unlike the first version of this mod, these vehicles do also work in […]

MediSea™: Water modifications

This mod contains a ton of fun stuff to mess around with! From multiple tsunami flood heights, over an all new underwater car, waterfalls all the way to skylake stunt courses! You get to choose what you want to play with! Below is everything this mod offers you:   IMPROVED BOAT HANDLING This reduces the […]

Amphibious cars + driveable train

This version of the mod contains 26 vehicles that are able to fully move and steer on water while keeping their orginal handling and stats, 3 mostly working vehicles as well as a driveable train, missile trailer and two flatbed trailers with the same water abilities!   The mod will be updated in the future […]

Vehicle collection

This mod adds special abilities to the Mugello Quipozza F, the Kerner Serpente and the Raffinati Vitesse. >>>>>Mugello Quipozza F The vehicle was renamed to Mugello Menavita. It has less gravity when going down, giving it the ability to glide a bit, it works better with more speed. The second stage of the turbojump was […]

Underwater Buggy

This mod gives the buggy the ability to drive underwater! So now you can go explore the deepest areas of the ocean by car! Charley Tank made a video about this mod so be sure to check out his channel! You can also choose between three different camera modes: default, middle and far! Default is […]