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Unlimited Whitelist

This is the modpack of the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Freeroam Unlimited, the most feature rich Just Cause 3 Multiplayer freeroam server in existence! It includes ALL my mods i released publicly before plus many more that only work in multiplayer, additionally, it also includes Freeroam Unlimited compatible versions of released by other modders, such […]

VTOL Thunderhawk

First, a thank you to LukeJC for teaching me how to mod JC3, providing me the tools to do it, and informing me how to create a VTOL effect for an arbitrary JC3 vehicle.  Also, his VTOL Vistosa mod is great. This mod gives the standard Rebel Drop Thunderhawk VTOL capabilities.  The secondary weapon button […]

VTOL Vistosa

This mod will enable the regular Mugello Vistosa to do the following: swim and move on water vertical takeoff and landing (primary weapon button) forward boost/”plane mode” (secondary weapon button) outrun the game’s ability to render terrain   For a little time now i wanted to create a flying car, however plane physics are stupid […]