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More Traffic

This mod increases the spawn limit for civilian vehicles allowing for bigger traffic jams and more chaos!

Enhanced weaponized vehicles

This mod will weaponize five vehicles: Verdeleon 3 Mugello Raffinati Vitesse Mugello Quipozza Stria Obrero Incendiario monstertruck They will be weaponized with: Urga Vulkan minigun Capstone M2Hm machine gun Capstone FH155 flak cannon Corvette cannon Capstone Artax anti air rockets   >>The latest release also includes optional, invincable versions of all five vehicles which was […]

Amphibious cars + driveable train

This version of the mod contains 26 vehicles that are able to fully move and steer on water while keeping their orginal handling and stats, 3 mostly working vehicles as well as a driveable train, missile trailer and two flatbed trailers with the same water abilities!   The mod will be updated in the future […]

The Snowmobile

This is my attempt to bring the snowmobile back into the game! Charley Tank made a video on this mod so be sure to check out his channel! It was a planned vehicle for Just Cause 3, but was cancelled but most of it´s files remained in the game´s files This mod replaces the mv402 with […]


This mod only for multiplayer! Do you need to move away your opponent? You can install a bomb in his car. Do you need to destroy the bridge or the excavator? You can install a bomb and several shells on it, then to blow up by pressing of the one button or to use the […]

Super Jump Bus

A quick test I made for editing vehicle files. This mod increases nitro speed and drastically increases jump height and speed. Just turbo jump and you will soar through the air. Gear mod upgrades can further increase the nitro and jump speed. To spawn it in, Rebel Drop the “Citispeed Eco 75”. Thanks to Protato […]

Dump truck frenzy

all ground vehicles replaced with giant dump trucks enjoy 🙂