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UVK Inkzooka

This is the first mod of the 2019 mod marathon and at the same time the first public custom model mod! This mod replaces the UVK’s regular model with the Inkzooka from Splatoon 1   Model source: https://www.models-resource.com/ Model origin: Splatoon 1   If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please […]

Levitating Liberator. Massively Buffed RPG.

Massively buffed UVK-13 where the explosion doesn’t harm Rico. Not much more to it. Allows Rico to float on explosions, or use it to catapult himself around. Join our discord for updates about the latest new Just Cause content I make.¬†https://discord.gg/gcyBvkE See video below for a demo. Have fun. The easisest way to start levitating […]