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Don’t you hate when you download a “Hard mode mod” and it only raises the heat level? well, things just got a lot more Difficult… WARNING: This is the HARDEST HEAT MOD YOU WILL EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH This Mod includes: My (Electro’s) Ultimate Heat Mod My “Everyone hates you, you have no allies” Mod […]


It’s finally finished! It’s only been SEVERAL MONTHS and taken MORE THAN 50 HOURS!!! I have also found the files which “fixes” FINDarksides Mod Combiner! If you’re out there FINDarkside, and don’t want this, just send me a PM!   ALL MOD COMBINER FILES AND DLL’S CREDIT GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS   Showcase: COMING […]

Ultimate Bavarium Splitter [Updated for Mech DLC]

This mod gives the bavarium splitter unlimited ammo, infinite magazine size and makes it shoot more projectiles at a faster rate! Original mod by neam

Ultimate Sky Fortress Skin

The new AI of EDEN has one more time gone mad. Terribly mad. There’s no need to say that something has gone wrong. Maybe the lack of bavarium, we don’t know. But we know for sure that in its madness, the AI has created the absolute horror: THE PINK FORTRESS. Will you be courageous enough […]