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Super fast wingsuit mod

This mod increases the max speed at which you can travel with the wingsuit. It works especially well with the new Bavarium wingsuit added by the Sky Fortress DLC. I have not tested this mod very well so it may crash your game. The mod still works with the latest patch (Mech DLC)

Ridiculously Fast Super Car (WORKS WITH PATCH!!)

Works with patch in my game, I have not tested it on other computers. This mod takes the car with the highest top speed in JC3 and makes it way faster. The max speed is 563 kph with nitro. The car is also brilliant at driving up hills due to the torque and grip. The […]

Grappling Options (Infinite Range, Double Range, etc)

So, as the title says, this mod removes the limit on the grappling range. You can now grapple and tether objects from miles away!   Note The only thing restricting the grappling range is the engine, since you can only grapple to locations which have been loaded into memory. Ground that is extremely far away […]