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Restored snowmobile

This is remaster of my very first mod i ever released to the public With all the things I learned between now and December 2017 I was able to improve this a lot! It comes with all snow mobile models and sounds. I was even able to make it use most of the original snowmobile […]

Unlimited Whitelist

This is the modpack of the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Freeroam Unlimited, the most feature rich Just Cause 3 Multiplayer freeroam server in existence! It includes ALL my mods i released publicly before plus many more that only work in multiplayer, additionally, it also includes Freeroam Unlimited compatible versions of released by other modders, such […]

The Snowmobile

This is my attempt to bring the snowmobile back into the game! Charley Tank made a video on this mod so be sure to check out his channel! It was a planned vehicle for Just Cause 3, but was cancelled but most of it´s files remained in the game´s files This mod replaces the mv402 with […]