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Unlimited Whitelist

This is the modpack of the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Freeroam Unlimited, the most feature rich Just Cause 3 Multiplayer freeroam server in existence! It includes ALL my mods i released publicly before plus many more that only work in multiplayer, additionally, it also includes Freeroam Unlimited compatible versions of released by other modders, such […]

Ultimate map pack

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at this mod!   This is my biggest mod yet and will hopefully bring you a lot more fun with the game! This mod includes all my previosly released enabled mission-only areas, improves them and adds a few new ones.   Included are: All three FOW-bases (Cima […]

Bavarium Coloured Wingsuit

Recolours the bavarium wingsuit to match the glowing blue colour of bavarium, such as from the bavarium splitter. Also recolours the parachute texture to a bavarium blue, black, and grey. In screenshots, I also used a black outfit for rico.

100% Save Game With All Gear Mods, All Resupply Points, and All Monasteries Unlocked. Everything Re-oppressed. (Includes All DLC)

Details The save has: All missions completed including DLC missions Everything unlocked including anything from every DLC (resupply points, monasteries, gear mods, rebel drops) All collectibles (e.g. Di Ravello tapes, Eden Callaghan tapes). Every location has been re-oppressed. You get to have fun taking everything over yourself You might be wondering why I created this […]


Full save game of all the DLCs and the main story, Also reopressed all buildings.

Default Wingsuit & Parachute for Bavarium Wingsuit

This mod replaces the Bavarium wingsuit & Parachute with the default one. Cuz I love the originality of E3 gameplays. ENJOY.

Better Bavarium Wingsuit [Updated for Sea Heist DLC]

Original mod by neam I’ve updated neam’s mod (with his permission) so people can use it with the latest patch (Mech DLC) This mod gives you: • Unlimited missiles • Unlimited minigun • Unlimited boost (not unlimited, but you have for something like one week of boost). • Faster reload (if you ever come to […]

DLC Packer (DLC mod tool)

This is the tool that allows you to install mods for the sky fortress DLC, the mech land assault DLC and possibly any DLC. Before reporting an error, please try to run it as an administrator and read the message. If there’s still an error, please report it: I may have forgotten something. Obviously, this […]


This save file has all rebel drops, gear mods, and challenges fully unlocked along with every base/outpost/town liberated then re-oppressed for the skyfortress dlc, mech assault dlc, and main game. Be sure to backup before installing if you don’t want to lose your current save :3 (I downloaded khip ko’s save at http://justcause3mods.com/mods/100-completere-oppressed-save-sky-fortress/ then beat […]

Wingsuit Skin “Golden-Lightstripe Yellow” (Sky-Fortress neccesary)

(If you want to be Grateful) (If you’re not a Member, you can leave a comment as well, I really appreciate that!) ************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************ RAR-Password: Takashi_92      <== copy & paste ************************************************   This Wingsuit Skin “Golden-Lightstripe Yellow” has a bit glow effect and such a bright yellow color, included the exchange from grey to black […]