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Scorpion Rico

This mods turns Rico into a scorpion. He walks along the ground and his weapons and stuff float above him. Works well with the Kousav√°. Unlike my previous mod, this one doesn’t break any core features of the game because it’s just a model swap. Have fun!

Ashen Mod Installer

Ashen Mod installer, contains Ashen skins and the new train disarm mods. The in-game skins are loaded into both the single player and multiplayer. Download and extract files. Run AutoModInstall.exe. It can be run from anywhere on the computer. Make sure steam is running so the utility can automatically find the JC3 directory. The installer […]

Black Hand Rico

Ever want to be in the Black Hand? Well, now you can! (Changes Rico’s texture to make him more Black-Hand-ish)

Red Rico Clothing

This is just a concept mod. It’s a test for the new texture tool changes. I can make other colours on request (or you can try it yourself). This mod changes Rico’s clothing to be red instead of blue.

Modified Grapple Hook ( Much faster and can go to 10KM )

Hi everyone , I have edited the QUB1 Grappling Mod and ¬†in my version the grappling go Much faster and go to 10 km only ( it’s the infinite range version Modified ) i limited this to 10 KM because we can have some bugs ( Like you may be blocked when you send it […]