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Citadel Corvo – Map Addition

Overview After more than 1.5 years and hundreds of hours of work, I present Citadel Corvo. This is a mod that adds a giant base to the game on top of the tallest mountain. This base acts as a sandbox playground and does not add any objectives or missions. Citadel Corvo offers loads of optional […]

VTOL Vistosa

This mod will enable the regular Mugello Vistosa to do the following: swim and move on water vertical takeoff and landing (primary weapon button) forward boost/”plane mode” (secondary weapon button) outrun the game’s ability to render terrain   For a little time now i wanted to create a flying car, however plane physics are stupid […]

Bus Plane

This mod makes the old civilian bus have wings and can fly reasonably well.  It is very fun to mess around with.  There is a normal and ludicrous mode.  Ludicrous basically makes it harder to take off but fast as lightning.  Ludicrous can also not gain altitude, and trust me, that’s a good thing.  Ludicrous […]

AI controlled Ptakojester spawn gun

Rico always wanted to have his own airline. After being tired of flying his own planes he decided to bomb… I mean liberate… the Di Ravello International Airlines HQ for fun and started his own airline. Now he can summon planes whenever he wants, and they are also have a permanent invisible bavarium shield making them invincible. […]