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Movement +

This mod changes the way Rico moves with the wingsuit, parachute, in the air and on the ground. It does not change anything fundamentally. Instead the mod aims for giving you more control over your movement and make it move fluent in general. None of the changes are made to make Rico overpowered, all of […]

“More Scorpio” Skin

My first go at a texture mod for JC3~ I wanted to change some colours around a little bit to feel like Just Cause 2… which basically means black and red.  I also wanted to change the Bavarium Wingsuit to match the rest of the colour scheme. Huge thanks to LukeJC for showing me how […]

Just Cause 3 Agency Wing Suit

This mod changes textures of the Bavarium wingsuit and parachute to resemble the Agency appearance from Just Cause 4 and is also my first wingsuit retexture mod meaning there will be more of them in the near future.   If you have any requests, ideas or questions regarding the mod feel free to share them […]

First person

It’s finally here! First person view for (almost) every situation in the game. Enjoy the landscape of Medici while wingsuiting without having to look at Rico’s feet, try to transport a car with a cargoplane without having any idea what is going on in the back, or do a nerve racking race in a F1 car, […]

Bavarium Coloured Wingsuit

Recolours the bavarium wingsuit to match the glowing blue colour of bavarium, such as from the bavarium splitter. Also recolours the parachute texture to a bavarium blue, black, and grey. In screenshots, I also used a black outfit for rico.

Mod Collection : (Everything unlocked + unlimited ammo, beacons, life + endless parachute + skin for Rico + rebel drop + skipped Intro + parachute upgrade)

Here is a collection of all mods you absolutely need in just Cause.   Including Mods: – 100% Game play with all Gears and cars in rebell drop unlocked (including all DLCs) – Longer + Faster Grapling Hook – Endless Beacons (for Rebell drop) – unlimited ammo – more Rebel Rico – Supercar (Verdeleon 3) […]

Batman Mod

Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOiyhv17Ja4   So I was contacted by a Mr Alfred Pennyworth to assist in the upgrade of some very advanced weaponry by one of their clients, Mr S. Rebel. Found a letter inside the crate that came with my “payment”:   Hello Mr Protato, I hope you are doing well. My boss was very happy […]

Default Wingsuit & Parachute for Bavarium Wingsuit

This mod replaces the Bavarium wingsuit & Parachute with the default one. Cuz I love the originality of E3 gameplays. ENJOY.

Wingsuit Skin “Golden-Lightstripe Yellow” (Sky-Fortress neccesary)

(If you want to be Grateful) (If you’re not a Member, you can leave a comment as well, I really appreciate that!) ************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************ RAR-Password: Takashi_92      <== copy & paste ************************************************   This Wingsuit Skin “Golden-Lightstripe Yellow” has a bit glow effect and such a bright yellow color, included the exchange from grey to black […]

Wingsuit Skin “Pink Suit” (Sky-Fortress neccesary)

(If you want to be Grateful) (If you’re not a Member, you can leave a comment as well, I really appreciate that!) ************************************************************************************************************************************** This Wingsuit Skin “Pink Suit” has a bit glow and glitter effect and such a bright pink color (actually black low opacity flowers on the wings), included the exchange from grey to […]