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Unlimited Whitelist

This is the modpack of the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Freeroam Unlimited, the most feature rich Just Cause 3 Multiplayer freeroam server in existence! It includes ALL my mods i released publicly before plus many more that only work in multiplayer, additionally, it also includes Freeroam Unlimited compatible versions of released by other modders, such […]

Hive and prison area loaded in freeroam

This mod will enable two normally mission exclusive areas! “The hive” From the last mission of the Mech Land Assault DLC The prison area from the mission “The great escape”   They will be fully exploreable in multiplayer freeroam as i also removed any doors blocking access to them! At some points in those areas, […]

Sky Fortress enabler for multiplayer

This mod will enable you to activate the Sky Fortress and Bavarium Wingsuit before it’s introduction mission would All you have to do to activate it is have Rico take damage, which calls the event that enables the Sky Fortress and the Bavarium Wingsuit!   This will also allow you to use these items in […]


This mod only for multiplayer! This simple plugin adds on your server the weather, which changes automatically. You shouldn’t anymore to use /weather command. This plugin will change the weather from time to time. Each weather has the chance of emergence. For example, snow always has chance 2%. It means that it’s very rare. Note: […]


This mod only for multiplayer! Do you need to move away your opponent? You can install a bomb in his car. Do you need to destroy the bridge or the excavator? You can install a bomb and several shells on it, then to blow up by pressing of the one button or to use the […]

In-game music

This mod only for multiplayer, not for singleplayer! Last version: 1.2.0 (12.08.2017) This mod adds music on your server for cars, helicopters, boats, etc. Just watch video! ? [ Github ]

Height Indicator

ATTENTION! THIS IS FOR MULTIPLAYER, NOT FOR SINGLEPLAYER! This plugin adds height indicator on your server. Now, flying on plane or helicopter, you can easily look at the height. The plugin shows height above sea level in meters. The indicator automatically turns on if to get into helicopter or plane. However, you can turn on […]