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Levitating Liberator. Massively Buffed RPG.

Massively buffed UVK-13 where the explosion doesn’t harm Rico. Not much more to it. Allows Rico to float on explosions, or use it to catapult himself around. Join our discord for updates about the latest new Just Cause content I make. https://discord.gg/gcyBvkE See video below for a demo. Have fun. The easisest way to start levitating […]

Bus Plane

This mod makes the old civilian bus have wings and can fly reasonably well.  It is very fun to mess around with.  There is a normal and ludicrous mode.  Ludicrous basically makes it harder to take off but fast as lightning.  Ludicrous can also not gain altitude, and trust me, that’s a good thing.  Ludicrous […]

All settlements REOPPRESSED and everything unlocked (100% complete game!)

-ALL of the credit goes to FliXide with his “100% complete! all unlocked” mod. -All I did was “reoppress” all the settlements for you to oppress! ENJOY! -Check FliXide’s mod out—> http://justcause3mods.com/mods/savegame-100-complete-all-unlocked/

Medici News

MEDICI NEWS Medici News gives the existing news chopper some practical use. The news chopper chases Rico whenever he reaches heat level 3 and onwards, and also spawns in military bases from time to time. It can also be present in some story missions, to report on the biggest of situations!

Modified Grapple Hook ( Much faster and can go to 10KM )

Hi everyone , I have edited the QUB1 Grappling Mod and  in my version the grappling go Much faster and go to 10 km only ( it’s the infinite range version Modified ) i limited this to 10 KM because we can have some bugs ( Like you may be blocked when you send it […]