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Business Day

WARNING: THIS MOD BREAKS FAST TRAVEL   This mod adds BUSINESS to your game. Enjoy as all the civilian NPCs turn into BUSINESS NPCS. Also, as a bonus, sometimes rebels will drop with the Little General revolvers. You can disable this by deleting the “spawn_weapons_def.bin” file under settings.   BUSINESS IS ALL AROUND. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE […]

Levitating Liberator. Massively Buffed RPG.

Massively buffed UVK-13 where the explosion doesn’t harm Rico. Not much more to it. Allows Rico to float on explosions, or use it to catapult himself around. Join our discord for updates about the latest new Just Cause content I make. https://discord.gg/gcyBvkE See video below for a demo. Have fun. The easisest way to start levitating […]

Bus Plane

This mod makes the old civilian bus have wings and can fly reasonably well.  It is very fun to mess around with.  There is a normal and ludicrous mode.  Ludicrous basically makes it harder to take off but fast as lightning.  Ludicrous can also not gain altitude, and trust me, that’s a good thing.  Ludicrous […]


Don’t you hate when you download a “Hard mode mod” and it only raises the heat level? well, things just got a lot more Difficult… WARNING: This is the HARDEST HEAT MOD YOU WILL EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH This Mod includes: My (Electro’s) Ultimate Heat Mod My “Everyone hates you, you have no allies” Mod […]


This mod only for multiplayer! Do you need to move away your opponent? You can install a bomb in his car. Do you need to destroy the bridge or the excavator? You can install a bomb and several shells on it, then to blow up by pressing of the one button or to use the […]

In-game music

This mod only for multiplayer, not for singleplayer! Last version: 1.2.0 (12.08.2017) This mod adds music on your server for cars, helicopters, boats, etc. Just watch video! ? [ Github ]

Height Indicator

ATTENTION! THIS IS FOR MULTIPLAYER, NOT FOR SINGLEPLAYER! This plugin adds height indicator on your server. Now, flying on plane or helicopter, you can easily look at the height. The plugin shows height above sea level in meters. The indicator automatically turns on if to get into helicopter or plane. However, you can turn on […]

Rebel Drop Mod Patch Version

I will try to update more mods. Please show your support by voting for my wing suit design here – http://goo.gl/be5lIX This is a very basic rebel drop mod. Due to the patch it is more difficult to make this mod so it only contains the variation vehicles and easter egg weapons at the moment. If […]

Save Game 100% ALL MODS UNLOCKED for ALL DLC’S! By JSB_360

(Updated to support BAVARIUM SEA HEIST!! as of today Friday 12/08/2016) Hi this is my Save Game 100% for Just Cause 3 Includes ALL MODS UNLOCKED for (SKY FORTRESS WINGSUIT) (MECH LAND ASSAULT) & (BAVARIUM SEA HEIST) DLC’s for PC. BE SURE TO GIVE IT A LIKE ? IF YOU ENJOY THIS SAVEGAME! Any questions feel free to contact me! 🙂 By […]

Rico mutant cow

Edit: I just found out that this was already done before i did it. I did not know of that until after i published it. Since it isn’t on this site already i might as well let it stay here. I actually came up with the idea myself after watching the texture swap video by […]