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Just Cause 3 – 5 year modpack

Here’s to five years of Just Cause 3! I made four mods for this occasion so please enjoy!   This includes A shielded CS Odjur The AE86 from Initial D A ducky with Rico head JC3’s dev menu   To spawn the vehicles, use the entity spawner with the following commands: cs odjur – spawn […]

eDEN Airship drone room loaded in freeroam

This mod will enable the drone production room from one of the Sky Fortress missions. Furthermore it will also remove the hatches at the bottom of the Airship that normally block access to the room with then eDEN screen in it as well as the doors down that room’s stairs which block access to the […]

Save Files For Every Mission

This mod is a collection of save files that are saved just before every single mission in the game, allowing you to replay any mission you like. Apart from the first four missions (due to lack of fast travel), all missions have all settlements liberated so you can spawn more vehicles from the Rebel Drop […]