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Skramps pack

Jart and me are proud to present another mod! The Skramps pack! It includes two vehicles and a rocket launcher! The Skramps car comes equipped with missiles and flight!   A lot of ideas and the vehicle textures by Jart, so check out her other work as well! Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/squatinacaprium Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ArtsyGoat/ Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/Hierosonic   To spawn each […]

Arwing jet

This mod adds the Arwing jet from Starfox as a playable vehicle! It is armed with heavy missiles and a minigun!   Model source: https://www.models-resource.com/nintendo_switch/starlinkbattleforatlas/model/29292/   Should the missiles not work, be sure to spawn the navajo heli before spawning this vehicle Should other models appear on it, spawn it further away from military bases […]

Missile Corvette

This mod will swap out the Corvette’s cannon for the CS Navajo’s heavy and light missiles   This mod was suggested by @ComputerGottYT   This vehicle was part of the recent Freeroam Unlimited update and is available on there as well!   I did include all necessary files for it to work, but it might […]

The ultimate train

The ultimate train is a mod based on the driveable train from the weaponized vehicles pack In this mod though, it received an upgrade and now features an engine sound, many other sounds that were missing before, it is indestructable, has a new weapon icon and features enhanced missiles of the missile trailer, which are […]

StormFire vehicle-pack

This mod includes two modded vehicles: A tank that shoots missiles aka Missile Tank (replaces CS Odjur) A helicopter that shoots wind aka Stormhunter Helicopter (replaces CS Navajo)   These two mods were originally meant only for use on my server in the november mod update (more on that later), but i decided to release […]

Ultimate Missile Mech

The Ultimate tool of destruction! Features: Top speed of 215kmph Massively increased pull range Enough force to punch stuff into space A shitload more missiles   Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZcTIy29yeI