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Medici’s Final War (Beta)

After the assassination of Di Ravello, the forces of the remaining military were forced to take actions against Rico and his rebels. All civilians were drafted into the military and forced to fight against the Rebels. Luckily, many have escaped to fight with the rebels instead…

Medici Police Mod

/! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED /! That you play this with thewibi77’s “extreme heat mod”: http://justcause3mods.com/mods/extreme-heat-level/ DISCLAIMER: Idea for unarmed helicopters stolen from GregSleg’s “Medici News” mod. http://justcause3mods.com/mods/medici-news/ Description: – Adds a clean textured police car and replaces most of the low-tier DRM and army vehicles. – Changes the DRM soldiers and army motorcyclists into police captains, […]

Medici News

MEDICI NEWS Medici News gives the existing news chopper some practical use. The news chopper chases Rico whenever he reaches heat level 3 and onwards, and also spawns in military bases from time to time. It can also be present in some story missions, to report on the biggest of situations!