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The Sparkador + weaponised quad & squalo

This mod enables the Loochador to use the eDEN spark weapon! It will have it’s unique look and also feature it’s default miniguns   I also included two weaponised vehicles, the Squalo and the Kletterer Quad from The Freeroam Unlimited December update! The boat does have the files of the weapons it needs in it’s […]


  Have a look at this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGKrbOVOvlA&feature=youtu.be   NOTE: This mod has been known to crash the game should you have this mod installed whilst completing the first Sea Heist mission!   I’ve been working on multiple mods that I will combine into a.. collection… of sorts…. Like a…. pack… of mods…   MOAR SPEEEEEEEEEEED! […]