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Unlimited Ammo

NOTE: This mod works with all the weapons excluding DLC Weapons! Did you run out of ammo again after fighting the military?!  I can help! Introducing!!! The unlimited ammo modification! Now battle your enemies, and see what happens? Enjoy blowing up stuff with your RPG but runs out of ammo fast? Problem solved! Download NOW! Visit my […]


Do YOU want your grenades to be better than before? Infinite grenades? Grenades which go further? How about GRENADES THAT FIRE REALLY REALLY FAST?? Then THIS is the mod for you! *Product may contain traces of peanuts and shellfish, also comes with files to make your own grenade mod using FINDarkside’s Mod Combiner   Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoJwLg3mcro

Unlimited beacons mod [Updated for Sea Heist DLC]

This mod gives you unlimited beacons so you can drop in everything you want as many times as you want!

Infinite Turbo

  Dissatisfied with the limited turbo that needs time to charge? Not okay with having to wait 5 painstaking seconds to make your boat jump again? I know I was, so I made this mod; the INFINITE TURBO MOD. With it installed (hopefully) all vehicles that have nitrous and/or jump abilities will be able to use […]

Grappling Options (Infinite Range, Double Range, etc)

So, as the title says, this mod removes the limit on the grappling range. You can now grapple and tether objects from miles away!   Note The only thing restricting the grappling range is the engine, since you can only grapple to locations which have been loaded into memory. Ground that is extremely far away […]