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Enemies Spawn Further Away

Makes the enemies spawn further away, less instances of someone appearing right behind you should result.

Heat Rebalanced

This mod is a work in progress. Post any bugs or suggestions in the comments. A mod that alters various parameters of the heat system with the aim of achieving more sustained and intense combat during heat, along with higher heat levels posing a more genuine threat to the player. Heat is now harder to […]

Celebration Mod Pack

Explosive Ammo Each weapon can be modified to have high explosive ammo! From the Minigun to the Shotguns to the SMGs, each weapon can be changed to have explosive ammunition. BE CAREFUL!! Enemies gain the explosive upgrade too, there’s no way around this… Overweight Rico Rico’s been eating at Mario’s grandmatra’s one too many times, […]

Perfect Heat

Hello, Tired of the same enemies spawning over and over again? Then welcome to my mod! With my mod, there will be *soon* three factions fighting against you in the heat levels: The Policia, The DRM and the Blackhand. For now, only the DRM and the Black Hand will fight you, but it will change […]


Don’t you hate when you download a “Hard mode mod” and it only raises the heat level? well, things just got a lot more Difficult… WARNING: This is the HARDEST HEAT MOD YOU WILL EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH This Mod includes: My (Electro’s) Ultimate Heat Mod My “Everyone hates you, you have no allies” Mod […]

Just Cause Realism Mod

Since hour 1 with JC3, most of us can agree that it is too posh; too easy, and that Rico is the ultimate bullet sponge. All he needs is a few seconds of cover to regain all of his lost health, even if he’s near death. Not to mention the fact that his health is […]

Enhanced Heat

Thought Just Cause 3 was too easy? I dare you to try Deathwish >=)   Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU09AWmguWU&feature=youtu.be

Realistic Just Cause 3

just kidding.   In Medici, we have some rules. It’s a civilized country and no one should trespass them. And those are the rules Never kill a goat. NEVER. Goats are The Authority. The sentence is death. We are not in America: no guns allowed. The sentence is death. Stealing a car is bad. The […]