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JC2 Grappling Hook

The grappling hook from Just Cause 2.

Batman Mod

Showcase:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOiyhv17Ja4   So I was contacted by a Mr Alfred Pennyworth to assist in the upgrade of some very advanced weaponry by one of their clients, Mr S. Rebel. Found a letter inside the crate that came with my “payment”:   Hello Mr Protato, I hope you are doing well. My boss was very happy […]


It’s finally finished! It’s only been SEVERAL MONTHS and taken MORE THAN 50 HOURS!!! I have also found the files which “fixes” FINDarksides Mod Combiner! If you’re out there FINDarkside, and don’t want this, just send me a PM!   ALL MOD COMBINER FILES AND DLL’S CREDIT GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS   Showcase: COMING […]

*ANOTHER UPDATE* Grapple Updated + Unbreakable

The Grapple Updated mod not only has 5 different options for grapple range, retract speed and acceleration, but also makes all tethers virtually unbreakable!   Update: Fixed placeholder max impulse   Showcase: https://youtu.be/XcXuJ2YuPU8

Grappling Options (Infinite Range, Double Range, etc)

So, as the title says, this mod removes the limit on the grappling range. You can now grapple and tether objects from miles away!   Note The only thing restricting the grappling range is the engine, since you can only grapple to locations which have been loaded into memory. Ground that is extremely far away […]