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Paved Roads – Remastered (Beta)

This mod Polishes the roads and “Re-paves” them. (Originally by FlyingSixtySix, Improved by Electro_)  Roads have been darkened, Lane/Shoulder/Dotted/Military Road Lines have been brightened, Cracks and Road Damage have been removed (Before and After pictures above and below) There are random black spots around the edges that I have no idea how to fix, except […]

Project: eDEN Codename: Rebirth

First of all, Happy Just Cause 3‘s two year anniversary! Oh boy… There’s a lot here… ok here it goes…   Electro: eDEN Sniper eDEN Shotgun eDEN Pistols eDEN Car (Texture) eDEN Rebel Drop Container Drone Rebel Drop Rebels are eDEN (part 1) eDEN UI Darker Roads and Runways eDEN Rico Skin eDEN Bavarium Wingsuit Skin (Normal Coming […]