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Ultimate map pack

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at this mod!   This is my biggest mod yet and will hopefully bring you a lot more fun with the game! This mod includes all my previosly released enabled mission-only areas, improves them and adds a few new ones.   Included are: All three FOW-bases (Cima […]

eDEN Airship drone room loaded in freeroam

This mod will enable the drone production room from one of the Sky Fortress missions. Furthermore it will also remove the hatches at the bottom of the Airship that normally block access to the room with then eDEN screen in it as well as the doors down that room’s stairs which block access to the […]

Project: eDEN Codename: Rebirth

First of all, Happy Just Cause 3‘s two year anniversary! Oh boy… There’s a lot here… ok here it goes…   Electro: eDEN Sniper eDEN Shotgun eDEN Pistols eDEN Car (Texture) eDEN Rebel Drop Container Drone Rebel Drop Rebels are eDEN (part 1) eDEN UI Darker Roads and Runways eDEN Rico Skin eDEN Bavarium Wingsuit Skin (Normal Coming […]