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No Dirt

This mod makes Rico open a public car wash, he’s making $10 an hour working 9 to 5 (just kidding :P) Dirt BEGONE! no more dirt on your cars and tanks! As far as I know, this eliminates 99% of dirt (kinda like hand sanitizer) so if there are tiny specs don’t blame me, there […]

Paved Roads – Remastered (Beta)

This mod Polishes the roads and “Re-paves” them. (Originally by FlyingSixtySix, Improved by Electro_)  Roads have been darkened, Lane/Shoulder/Dotted/Military Road Lines have been brightened, Cracks and Road Damage have been removed (Before and After pictures above and below) There are random black spots around the edges that I have no idea how to fix, except […]