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More Traffic

This mod increases the spawn limit for civilian vehicles allowing for bigger traffic jams and more chaos!

Peace and Chaos (Factions Mod)

Inspired by the Panau Peace Mod for Just Cause 2, this brings the same (and more) to Just Cause 3. This Mod changes how each faction reacts to each other either bringing peace, or absolute chaos to Medici. There are 7 factions in the game. Soldiers, Police and Blackhand for Di Ravello. Rico, Rebels, Pirates […]

Medici’s Final War (Beta)

After the assassination of Di Ravello, the forces of the remaining military were forced to take actions against Rico and his rebels. All civilians were drafted into the military and forced to fight against the Rebels. Luckily, many have escaped to fight with the rebels instead…

Monstertruck madness

The trend of buying monstertrucks in Medici has reached a whole new level of escalation. Every single car will be spawned as a monstertruck and chaos builds up in the streets. Have fun 🙂