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First person

It’s finally here! First person view for (almost) every situation in the game. Enjoy the landscape of Medici while wingsuiting without having to look at Rico’s feet, try to transport a car with a cargoplane without having any idea what is going on in the back, or do a nerve racking race in a F1 car, […]

No Wingsuit Auto-Alignment

A small mod which disables the wingsuit auto-alignment.   And no, it is not properly disabled, but if you wish to find out how long it delays it, be my guest and wingsuit for 2 hours & 46 minutes =)   Use this video if you are having trouble installing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcQ96NdCt1k

Better Vehicle Camera

Small little mod that zooms out the camera with vehicles so you can actually see. 5 different settings for each type of vehicle, excluding the helicopter, which has 4.   Screenshots: Normal, without mods Medium Far Further Further and Lower Furthest (For now)

trixnz’ FOV Tool for Jan 21 update.

This is trixnz’ latest version of his FOV Tool which works with Just Cause 3 update which was released Jan 21, 2016, and this updated tool was release on his Github page on Feb 1, 2016. I have no idea why he hasn’t updated it for this site, but I’m going to be a jerk […]