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Black Hand spy skin

This mod replaces the default Rico skin with a black hand styled skin! There are also many hidden eastereggs! This skin was created by Jart, so be sure to also check out her other amazing work!   – Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/squatinacaprium – Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ArtsyGoat/ – Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/Hierosonic   If you plan on making a video review […]

Just Cause 3 Black Hand Wing Suit

This mod changes textures of the Bavarium wingsuit and parachute to resemble the Black Hand appearance from Just Cause 4. There are still some cool Wingsuits to come in the near future so stay tune.   If you have any requests, ideas or questions regarding the mod feel free to share them in the comment […]

Mech Ghepardo

This is the fifth and last mod of the 2019 mod marathon! The Mech Ghepardo comes with a VTOL ability, as well as a Mech Bavarium Splitter and is fully amphibious! It replaces the regular Ghepardo in the game   If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to […]

Black Hand Rico

Ever want to be in the Black Hand? Well, now you can! (Changes Rico’s texture to make him more Black-Hand-ish)