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Nuke Grenades

Nuke grenades. Need I say more? Massively buffed nuke explosion. Rico does not take damage from this however. Join our discord for updates about the latest new Just Cause content I make. https://discord.gg/gcyBvkE This mod is also available in the Ashen Mod Installer package. https://justcause3mods.com/mods/ashen-mod-installer/ See video for a demo. Have fun.

Updated Nuke Pistol

Finally. A fully working Nuke Pistol. This version works anywhere, does not require the M488 to be spawned and will not crash you. (well no more than the normal M488 does. I can’t change nukes stealing frames lol.) Be careful, any AI using pozhars will fire nukes around. I can’t do anything about this however. […]

Bavarium Coloured Wingsuit

Recolours the bavarium wingsuit to match the glowing blue colour of bavarium, such as from the bavarium splitter. Also recolours the parachute texture to a bavarium blue, black, and grey. In screenshots, I also used a black outfit for rico.

Project: eDEN Codename: Rebirth

First of all, Happy Just Cause 3‘s two year anniversary! Oh boy… There’s a lot here… ok here it goes…   Electro: eDEN Sniper eDEN Shotgun eDEN Pistols eDEN Car (Texture) eDEN Rebel Drop Container Drone Rebel Drop Rebels are eDEN (part 1) eDEN UI Darker Roads and Runways eDEN Rico Skin eDEN Bavarium Wingsuit Skin (Normal Coming […]

Mod Collection : (Everything unlocked + unlimited ammo, beacons, life + endless parachute + skin for Rico + rebel drop + skipped Intro + parachute upgrade)

Here is a collection of all mods you absolutely need in just Cause.   Including Mods: – 100% Game play with all Gears and cars in rebell drop unlocked (including all DLCs) – Longer + Faster Grapling Hook – Endless Beacons (for Rebell drop) – unlimited ammo – more Rebel Rico – Supercar (Verdeleon 3) […]

Bavarium Sniper Rifle

This Mod:  Changes the texture of the USV 45 SOKOL Sniper Rifle to a Bavarium Reskin Makes the Sniper Rifle FULLY AUTOMATIC (wont make a sound for every bullet if held down) Gives the Sniper Rifle Infinite ammo (The last 2 are optional if you would prefer just the texture)   Feel Free to use […]

Bavarium Outfit

I was recently gifted the Sky Fortress DLC by a very generous supporter, Plenny, and one of the first things I noticed when I started playing was that the bavarium wingsuit didn’t match Rico’s outfit at all. So I took matters into my own hands, and made this. (Recommended with Sky Fortress DLC, although it’s […]

Ultimate Bavarium Splitter [Updated for Mech DLC]

This mod gives the bavarium splitter unlimited ammo, infinite magazine size and makes it shoot more projectiles at a faster rate! Original mod by neam

*UPDATED* Better Wingsuits

Hey, it’s hard to get a screenshot of the wingsuit goin’ fast, don’t judge me for using the same picture!   *UPDATE* I have released a preset that only changes the steering. However, the steering sensitivity seems to be more pronounced the faster you travel, and, using the unaltered wingsuit, the effect is incredibly small. […]

Save Game 100% ALL MODS UNLOCKED for ALL DLC’S! By JSB_360

(Updated to support BAVARIUM SEA HEIST!! as of today Friday 12/08/2016) Hi this is my Save Game 100% for Just Cause 3 Includes ALL MODS UNLOCKED for (SKY FORTRESS WINGSUIT) (MECH LAND ASSAULT) & (BAVARIUM SEA HEIST) DLC’s for PC. BE SURE TO GIVE IT A LIKE ? IF YOU ENJOY THIS SAVEGAME! Any questions feel free to contact me! 🙂 By […]