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“More Scorpio” Skin

My first go at a texture mod for JC3~ I wanted to change some colours around a little bit to feel like Just Cause 2… which basically means black and red.  I also wanted to change the Bavarium Wingsuit to match the rest of the colour scheme. Huge thanks to LukeJC for showing me how […]

Bavarium Coloured Wingsuit

Recolours the bavarium wingsuit to match the glowing blue colour of bavarium, such as from the bavarium splitter. Also recolours the parachute texture to a bavarium blue, black, and grey. In screenshots, I also used a black outfit for rico.

Pitch Black Rico

This mod changes Rico’s Suit and/or Bavarium Wingsuit to be solid black (Future updates will include more than this!) This mod is still being developed (Later to be known as “Pitch Black”) and will have more retextures available. I am asking that if anyone has any recommendations or requests that they post it in the […]