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Citadel Corvo – Map Addition

Overview After more than 1.5 years and hundreds of hours of work, I present Citadel Corvo. This is a mod that adds a giant base to the game on top of the tallest mountain. This base acts as a sandbox playground and does not add any objectives or missions. Citadel Corvo offers loads of optional […]

Ultimate map pack

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at this mod!   This is my biggest mod yet and will hopefully bring you a lot more fun with the game! This mod includes all my previosly released enabled mission-only areas, improves them and adds a few new ones.   Included are: All three FOW-bases (Cima […]

Boss-base FOWs loaded in freeroam

This mod will enable the three FOWs below the boss bases, namely Cima Leon on Insule Fonte Corda Dracon on Insula Dracon Falco Maxime on Insula Striate   All hatches and doors in- and outside were removed so they can be easily accessed If objects and colission inside are missing, be sure to approach the […]