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Debug areas (work in sp and mp)

This mod will enable three debug areas i could find in the games files, these include: ui_test_wall from the file frontend.bl benchmark_gas_stations01 and benchmark_gas_stations02 from the files benchmark_gas_stations01.nl and benchmark_gas_stations02.nl dlc3_satellite_base_test from the file dlc3_satellite_base_test.bl   test wall is simply a text wall model without collission, why do i include it? Because it works! It can be found at […]

Hive and prison area loaded in freeroam

This mod will enable two normally mission exclusive areas! “The hive” From the last mission of the Mech Land Assault DLC The prison area from the mission “The great escape”   They will be fully exploreable in multiplayer freeroam as i also removed any doors blocking access to them! At some points in those areas, […]