Weather Presets and Thunderstorm Enabler

  • description Description

    This very simple mod affects the weather probabilities in Medici. Several file versions are included, allowing you to lock into Clear, Foggy, Rainy, or Thunderstorm weather. There is also a version that keeps all weather probabilities the same, but allows Thunderstorms to spawn at the same rate as Fog (they are disabled by default.)

    I am aware that someone has already created a Clear Weather mod. If my preset for that is too redundant, let me know and I will remove it.

    (Note: I had a folder forĀ  'Lock to Light Rain' available as well, but for some reason the weather ID reverts it to sun. May be back if I can find a way to fix this.)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Select a subfolder of your choosing from the ZIP file. Either extract the contents or drag the 'environment' folder into your Just Cause 3 Dropzone folder.

    (Instructions also included in file readme.)

  • event_note Changelog

    0 - Fog and Rain presets broken. Will fix when I figure out why they aren't working.

    0.1 - Fixed Fog preset. Still does not look as good as 'natural' fog. Will look into it again.

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