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    This mod will enable the regular Mugello Vistosa to do the following:

    • swim and move on water
    • vertical takeoff and landing (primary weapon button)
    • forward boost/"plane mode" (secondary weapon button)
    • outrun the game's ability to render terrain


    For a little time now i wanted to create a flying car, however plane physics are stupid and i would have to swap an entire set of car models onto a plane, one by one. This process would a) cause the plane to look like a car, but the collision would be the plane's b) the "car" would then simply be a plane and c) simply not worth the time. This method however abuses weapon knockback, in order to create upwards/forward thrust so the car can almost fly like a plane. It's kind of like my previous "ultimate vistosa" mod, where i used lift to make the car act in a similar way, by making it glide. This however is fully controllable, plus you get the vtol ability for precise mid-air-movement.


    As always, huge thanks to Protato for letting me use his method to weaponize cars


    Also thanks to Tarry, for figuring out JC3's rotation and creating an excel sheet to generate rotation

    download can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kpwYQsq3tUJyHXfiIY8T9ks_o_QlPNrE

    original sheet can be found here: https://isbweb.org/software/movanal/Euler.xls

    For any questions about how it works, feel free to pm me on discord or use my server´s support channe


    If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to give proper credit, that is linking this page, or atleast the mod website so that viewers do actually know where to download this mod from and so we get feedback on our work


    => Want to play Just Cause 3? Online? With mods from me and others? Then feel free to check out my Freeroam Unlimited JC3MP server and it's Discord, where you will get updates regarding Just Cause, get early infos about my mods and server updates! https://Discordapp.com/invite/efherxs



  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install mods at all, you need to open up steam, then find Just Cause 3 in your list of games. Right-click it and click settings. Now click "Set launch options" and a new window will open up. Copy this:

    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs .

    and paste it in there, then click "Done" to save it.

    Now go to this filepath: Steam-folder> steamapps> common> Just Cause 3

    Now create a new folder called Dropzone and you are done with setting things up.


    Now copy the editor and settings folder from the download into your dropzone folder


    >>> to remove all mods, simply remove the launch options

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