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    This mod only for multiplayer!

    Do you need to move away your opponent? You can install a bomb in his car.

    Do you need to destroy the bridge or the excavator? You can install a bomb and several shells on it, then to blow up by pressing of the one button or to use the timer.

    This plugins adds three types of bomb for vehicle


    The vehicle will explode as soon as someone gets into it.


    The vehicle will explode after the specified time.

    and, of course, Detonator

    The vehicle will explode by one pressing of the button which you will select at first.

    But don't forget: If you want to get into some car, then be careful! If the car hasn't exploded after you have got into it, check is the bomb installed. It is recommended to check the car for existence of a bomb 2-3 times.

    How to set the bomb?

    At first you must be in any vehicle. You can set only one bomb for one time.

    Press DELETE. Then select any type and press Set. The bomb - not the living being and can explode even in case you sit in the vehicle!

    OK. I found a bomb. How to defuse it?

    Press END. Your character will begin to look for a bomb. It can take from 1 to 10 seconds. It is worth noticing that the character not always manages to find a bomb therefore it is recommended to check the car 2-3 times.

    So, you found a bomb. You will see 4 numbers, which change very quickly. Click number and press number (numpad also supported) on your keyboard which is shown. You must do that with all 4 numbers. Be careful and goodluck!

    [ Github ]

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unpack VehicleBomb folder to <code/packages in root of your JC3-MP server.

    Also you can setup /inGameMusic/SETTINGS.js

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1.0 (12.08.2017)

    * Small change in appearance of the timer

    * If the player finds in the car a bomb with the timer, instead of tics appears the silent timer.

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