Vanilla Save Full Storyline with All Gear Mods and Rebel Drops & More – All DLCs only

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    If you have ANY questions, please, please, read the entire description before commenting.

    If you don’t have ALL three DLC’s, you might as well stop now because this won’t work if you don’t, however, if you do have all the DLC’s.

    This has gotten so much attention that I felt obligated to do an update. I finally figured out how to HEX in ALL Beacon and Flare ReSupply points WITHOUT affecting the gameplay at all. I also re-did the entire YouTube video from scratch with higher resolution at 1080p and a higher framerate as well at 60fps. I also did a shorter video where I liberate Porto Vena using the M488 and the Autocannon Mech. You can find that video here.


    What this save file does

    This “Vanilla story save” would mean that you’d have the full storyline to play again, entirely from the beginning WITH all the Gear Mods activated. You would have to do the mission “Time For An Upgrade” before you’d get the new tether from Dimah, just as in the original storyline, but once that is finished, you will have the fully upgraded one with max tethers and full strength. You would have to start the “Sky Fortress DLC” mission “Suit Up” to get the Bavarium Wing Suit, but once that’s started, you’d have the fully upgraded Wing Suit. You will have ALL the fully upgraded Mechs to play with. You won't have to collect all vehicles again to get them to your Rebel Drop list. Still it’s like with the normal story line, you won’t have the rebel drops until you get that ability through completing the mission "Mario's Rebel Drops". Though, as soon as you get the rebel drop ability, you will have EVERYTHING to choose from. ALL weapons, ALL vehicles, ALL mechs, Rebel support and Drone!

    In addition to all this, you will now also have ALL the Beacon and Flare ReSupply points unlocked! (I finally figured out how to get them all in and still not take away anything from the pop-up missions). ALL churches with the priests are unlocked, meaning, as soon as you find them, they'll be unlocked and have a priest there. Everything else is like the vanilla storyline.


    Glitches and explanation

    There seems to be a small glitch when hacking it this way and that is, the gears will not be shown as activated or "lit up" in the Gear Mods menu, if you try to activate one, they’ll light up temporarily. If you then go to another menu or try to activate another gear mod, they will just go grey again. They’ll still work, they just doesn’t show in the icons. Activation and De-activation will work and you’ll see the gear mods status in the lower right hand corner as “ACTIVE” (green) or “INACTIVE” (white).

    I’ve been trying this out for a while and it seems to work very well, without any glitches other than the one mentioned above. I must say, it’s great fun getting to wreak havoc in the “Vanilla storyline” again and still have the Gear Mods activated + everything else.


    On a personal note

    I prefer the GE-64 without the Rocket Mods, since they give a delay in the explosion and you can’t put out new ones before the old ones are gone.

    Enjoy this "boomgift"



  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Unzip the downloaded file at a location of your liking.
    2. Go to: "C:/Users/yourusername/Documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves" there will be a folder named something like "76561198050639309" (you will have different numbers)
    3. !IMPORTANT! MAKE A BACKUP OF THAT FOLDER AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE (You'd maybe like to return to your old save one day?)
    4. Remove everything in your "C:/Users/yourusername/Documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves/76561198050639309"
    5. Copy all the files from inside the folder "jc3-vanillasave-fullstory_w_everything/the_version_you_like" and paste them into your "C:/Users/yourusername/Documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves/76561198050639309" folder.
    6. That it, you can now start the game and enjoy the mayhem.

    Here's a short video tutorial, sorry but I have no mic nor do I possess any video editing skills.

  • event_note Changelog
    • Version 1.33.7_1 - confirmed working 2017-03-04, with latest updates installed.
      • Initial release after extensive testing.
    • Version 1.33.7_2 - confirmed working 2017-03-29, with latest updates installed.
      • Added five (5) more beacon and flare supply points.
    • Version 1.33.7_3 - confirmed working 2017-04-06, with latest updates installed.
      • Added ALL REMAINING beacon and flare supply points without affecting gameplay at all.
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