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  • speaker_notes Installation

    HOW TO - These folders

    Open Steam.

    Go to:

    • Library
    • Right click Just Cause 3
    • Properties
    • Local files
    • Browse Local Files

    This will open your Just Cause 3 installation folder.

    Copy all the dropzone folders into your Just Cause 3 installation folder.

    HOW TO - Mods

    Unless the mod you downloaded effects the DLC, it will be copied into your 'dropzone' folder

    Open the file using 7zip (Download below)

    1 - Mod effects base game:

    • Navaigate into mod until you find a folder with a lower case name.
      • If the mod contains a folder called "dropzone", either copy it to your Just Cause 3 directory OR open it and copy the CONTENTS into your dropzone folder.

    Finished! Run the game.

    2 - Mod effects DLC:

    • Navigate the mod until you find a folder called '__UNKNOWN'
    • Copy/Drag this folder into the correct DLC folder

    A) Mod effects Mech Land Assault DLC:

    • 'dropzone_mech_dlc'

    B) Mod effects Sky Fortress DLC:

    • 'dropzone_sky_fortress'

    C) Mod effects Sea Heist DLC:

    • 'dropzone_sea_heist'

    Once you have copied in the mod, YOU MUST RUN THE 'DLCPACKER.EXE'

    If you forget to run it, the mods for your DLC will not install.

    If you run any DLCPacker.exe in any of the DLC folders, it will install all mods inside all DLC dropzone folders.



    Only exception to the DLC '__UNKNOWN' folder is if the folder is lowercase.

    If none of these are in the folder, navigate further in, or try redownload

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