Unlimited Ammo Mod (+ Infinite magazine size)

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    WARNING: THIS MOD IS OUTDATED AND DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION HERE: http://justcause3mods.com/mods/unlimited-ammo-mod-infinite-magazine-size-updated-for-mech-dlc/

    This mod gives you unlimited ammo for almost all weapons in-game!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    See Installation.txt in .zip

    The Bavarium Splitter has a seperate installation process! Please follow the instructions carefully!

  • event_note Changelog

    1.6.1: - Removed infinite magazine size from Capstone Hydra but gave it super fast reload instead

    1.6: - Added unlimited ammo for grenades

    1.5: - Added unlimited ammo for the Little General

    1.4.1: - Fixed bavarium-splitter folders that were missing

    1.4: - Fixed CS Negotiator grenade launcher not having infinite ammo

    1.3: - Added unlimited ammo for the Bavarium splitter (Please read the instructions carefully!)

    1.2: - Fixed RPGs, Sniper rifles, grenade launchers and FOWs not being able to reload after firing 1 shot

    1.1: - Added an option to change all magazine sizes to be infinite

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