Unlimited Ammo Mod (+ Infinite magazine size) [Updated for Mech DLC]

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    THIS MOD IS OUTDATED AND DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE UPDATED VERSION HERE: http://justcause3mods.com/mods/unlimited-ammo-infinite-magazine-size-updated-for-sea-heist-dlc/

    This mod gives you unlimited ammo for almost all weapons in-game!

    Please let me know if anything is not working or if you have further improvements for the mod in the comments!

    This mod has now been updated to include unlimited ammo for the Kousavá Rifle DLC, thanks to the Steam user Mikestriken

  • speaker_notes Installation


    Unlimited ammo (+ Infinite magazine size):

    1. Extract the 'editor' folder to the dropzone folder in your Just Cause 3 install directory (If you don't have a dropzone folder, you should make one first)

    2. Make sure you have the following launch options set: "--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs." (Without the "", also don't forget the dot ".")

    3. Launch the game

    Bavarium splitter:

    1. Grab the latest version of the DLC Packer by neam (http://justcause3mods.com/mods/dlc-packer-dlc-mod-tool/) and follow the installation steps.

    2. Copy the __UNKNOWN folder from either the Unlimited ammo or the Unlimited ammo + Infinite magazine folder into dropzone_sky_fortress

    3. Double click on DLCPacker.exe

    Kousavá Rifle / Scorpion Gun:

    1. Copy the dropzone_scorpiongun from either the Unlimited ammo or the Unlimited ammo + Infinite magazine folder (depends on whether you want infinite magazine or not) into your Just Cause 3 directory

    2. Double click on DLCPacker.exe (located in the dropzone_scorpiongun folder)

  • event_note Changelog

    1.3: - Added unlimited ammo (+ infinite magazine) for the Kousavá Rifle (DLC gun), please read the instructions carefully!

    1.2: - Added a finite magazine option for the Bavarium splitter, the folder for the Bavarium splitter is now located in both of the folders

    1.1.2: - Added installation instructions back in

    1.1.1: - Fixed unlimited grenades not being unlimited

    1.1: - Added an option to get finite magazine sizes

    - Added unlimited ammo for the Bavarium Splitter (please read the installation instructions carefully!)

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