Ultimate Sky Fortress Skin

  • description Description

    The new AI of EDEN has one more time gone mad. Terribly mad. There's no need to say that something has gone wrong. Maybe the lack of bavarium, we don't know. But we know for sure that in its madness, the AI has created the absolute horror: THE PINK FORTRESS.

    Will you be courageous enough to wander in this pink hell to save us all from the incoming pinkocalipse ? Or will you fall in the pinkest madness ?

  • speaker_notes Installation


    • Grab the latest version of the Sky Fortress Packer by neam and follow the installation step.
    • Extract or copy the __UNKNOWN folder into the dropzone_sky_fortress folder that you've just created on the step above
    • Double click on SkyFortressPacker.exe


  • event_note Changelog
    • 1.0: Make things pinker
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