Ultimate Drone 2.0

  • description Description

    This is an improved version of my Ultimate Drone. I got locked out of my old account so I can't update the other one. I upgraded the weapons and eliminated the lag problems.

    The Ultimate Drone! We all know what a failure the normal drone is, so I decided to buff it up. Keep in mind hes still not the brightest kid on the block.

    • Practically unkillable
    • Increased Minigun Damage
    • Increased Minigun Fire Rate
    • Increased Minigun Impulse
    • Increased Minigun Bullets Per Shot
    • Increased Missile Damage
    • Increased Missile Fire Rate
    • Increased Missile Impulse
    • Increased Missile Bullets Per Shot
    • Reduced Scatter
    • NO MORE LAG!
  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download this: https://justcause3mods.com/mods/dlc-packer-dlc-mod-tool/ and follow setup instructions.

    Then put the _UNKNOWN folder in  the dropzone_sky_fortress folder and run DLCPacker.exe


    Have Fun!

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