Ultimate Bavarium Splitter

  • description Description

    Ultimate Bavarium Splitter.

    Added scope. Use the same keybind as sniper rifles.

    Increased damage and fire rate with unlimited magazine. Destroys anything and everything. Satcom Dishes can be a little finnicky though. The nuke pistol dispatches them nicely however.

    No recoil or shot scatter. Take out anything and everything long range.

    Reskin. Goes with the rico skin which can be seen in the demo video. Will be released soon.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me make this mod, and Charley for doing an awesome video about it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Same as any other DLC mod. Copy into your game directory and run the DLCPacker tool.

    If wish to only install part of the mod, simply navigate to:

    Just Cause 3\dropzone_sky_fortress\__UNKNOWN\Bav-splitter-scope

    and delete either:

    B723086E.aaf - to be left with only the reskin on the normal splitter

    E34AA623.ddsc - to use the scope, fire rate, etc etc with the default skin

    Make sure to run the DLCPacker tool after deleting one of the files. You can delete both, but then why are you bothering to download this.... xD

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