Thunderbird (EMP) Increased Range, Inf. Ammo/Semi-Auto

  • description Description

    Thunderbird EMP v1.0

    -Rapid fire semi-auto, fire as fast as you can click

    -No recharge delay

    -Velocity increased to max game will allow. Increased to be able to fire on moving targets at great distances without aiming in front of them

    -Range increased to max game engine will allow. Will shoot as far as the game can load objects. Should be able to shoot nearby planes down lol

    -Gun damage untouched, this was always a 1-shot kill weapon in vanilla game


    This gun was so cool when I got it, but then when I tried using it seriously I'd get pwned because it's range was literally 20 feet. I changed that. I've been able to shoot jets down with this and it takes no thought now to one-shot moving vehicles even at 1000 feet away. Helicopters are the most enjoyable to blast out of the sky and tanks go down as if you were shooting the nuke launcher. This is how fun the second most powerful weapon in the game should be!


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unzip then drag the dropzone "editor" folder INTO your JC3 dropzone folder

  • event_note Changelog

    added screenshot

    added youtube video

    pooped my pants but didn't bother getting up

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