The Snowmobile

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    This is my attempt to bring the snowmobile back into the game!

    Charley Tank made a video on this mod so be sure to check out his channel!

    It was a planned vehicle for Just Cause 3, but was cancelled but most of it´s files remained in the game´s files

    This mod replaces the mv402 with the snowmobile, it´s not a completely new vehicle, i only replaced and edited files to make it more like the snowmobile

    This mod includes:

    ->Snowmobile models, not all of them ->Snowmobile engine sound ->A new name for the vehicle, thanks to Hugom2 for suggesting it and Protato showing me how to do it, it will be displayed in the UI and rebel drop menu ->Changed stats in the rebel drop menu ->Custom icon in the rebel drop menu ->Changed description in the rebel drop menu, only in english for every language, really sorry but the hex editor messes up any non-ascii characters :/ ->Custom handling made by me, with a lot of help of vic, keep in mind that it doesn´t feel and handle like the original snowmobile at all and it is still a bike and i only tried to make it feel more like a quad, it also has quad waterinteraction, drif and aerodynamics plus mopped wheelie to reduce it a lot

    ->Files to make it compatible with my underwater buggy, vehicle collection and ultimate vistosa mod


    ->Misc deails can be found in the txt file that comes with the mod


    At the end i want to thank Electro_ for inspiring me to do this :)

    Have fun playing!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install mods at all, you ned to open up steam, then find Just Cause 3 in your list of games. Right-click it and click settings. Now click "Set launch options" and a new window will open up. Copy this:

    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs .

    and paste it in there, then click "Done" to save it.

    Now go to this filepath: >Steam-folder> steamapps> common> Just Cause 3

    Now create a new folder called Dropzone and you are done with setting things up.

    That´s it, now you can add all kinds of mods to your game!

    (Tutorial made by Protato)


    >>>To make this mod compatible with my underwaterbuggy and/or vehicle collection mod, go into the misc folder, choose your combination and put the files inside the folder into >Dropzone >profiles


    >>>To remove all mods, simply remove the lauch options in steam.

    To install this mod, extract and copy the folders inside Dropzone and paste it into your Dropzone folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0   Initial release

    1.1   Moved the vehicle to the offroad section

    1.2   Added a preview video to the rebel-drop menu

    1.2a   Fixed messed up Turbojump (oops ^^)

    1.2b  Added files to make this mod compatible with my underwater buggy mod

    1.2c Added files to make it compatible with my vehicle collection mod

    1.2d Added files for compatibility for my ultimate vistosa mod

    1.3 Added an invincable version

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