The Rebellion’ Weapons Variety

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    After a successful raid on the Medici's Military weapons storage, the Rebellion now have accessed to a much more variety of weapons including better assault rifles, bullup rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, sub machine guns. Now they can bring the fight to the corrupt government of Medici to a whole new level. However, with the rise of the Rebellion in this arm race comes with a huge number of eager young recruits who wants to join the fight for their homeland. That means their won't be enough heavy weapons for everyone so some of them still have to use the traditional U-39. Some of them even have to use revolvers and pistols while waiting for the next weapons shipment to come.


    Known bugs: The Rebels doesn't seem to use the bullup rifles and sniper rifles so I decided to remove them for better gameplay. Report to me if you find others.

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    Just drop my files to your dropzone folder just like every other mods on this site.

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    People, I am sorry for the mistakes in the download file. It's ok now so if you can't use it first then download again and it should be fine.

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