Super Typhoon gun

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    Super Typhoon gun

    A modified version of the Typhoon gun that increases it's effective range and the velocity at which objects are blown away.

    You will need another mod to unlock the Typhoon gun in the Rebel drop app.

    This mod by Choklad does the trick:


    A superb video showcasing the mod, created by SorryAboutYourCats:


    Big thanks to Choklad for the tutorials needed to make this mod. Wouldn't have been able to make this without your help.

    Choklad's Youtube channel:


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drag the folder inside the folder labelled with the version number to the dropzone folder in your Just Cause 3 directory

  • event_note Changelog

    Feel free to use this anywhere as long as you link back to the mod's webpage KNOWN PROBLEMS - JC3 may crash upon exit if there are physics objects being flung away by the Typhoon gun using versions 1.1.0 & above


    - Initial release

    • Range increased from 2000 to 9999
    • Velocity increased from 630 to 2000
    • Fire rate increased from 0.01 to 0.05


    - Increased velocity & officially added Unlimited ammo

    • Velocity increased from 2000 to 5000
    • Unlimited ammo TRUE


    • Heavily increased velocity
    • Velocity increased from 5000 to 9999


    - Found some more settings to increase area of effect

    • Force length increased to 50
    • Force start radius increased to 0.5
    • Force end radius increased to 50
    • Velocity increased to 600
    • Pressure increased to 99999


    • Impusle increased dramatically
    • Velocity stupidly increased
    • Force length increased massively
    • Ridgid objects minimum impulse set to 0
    • Fire rate set to 0.0001
    • Vehicle impulse factor increased
    • Force start radius decreased
    • Max range increased to 30000
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