Save Files For Every Mission

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  • description Description

    This mod is a collection of save files that are saved just before every single mission in the game, allowing you to replay any mission you like. Apart from the first four missions (due to lack of fast travel), all missions have all settlements liberated so you can spawn more vehicles from the Rebel Drop app.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Back up your old JC3 save!
    2. Open the .zip file.
    3. Open the folder that corresponds to the mission that you want to play.
    4. Open the the folder inside that has a random string of digits for a name
    5. Navigate to your JC3 saves folder in C:Users[USERNAME]DocumentsSquare EnixJust Cause 3Saves[RANDOM DIGITS]
    6. Copy the contents of the folder with random digits in the .zip file into your folder with random digits
    7. Run JC3
  • event_note Changelog
    • V1.0 - First Release
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